IT Business Management (ITBM)

ITBM enables IT to run like a business, built on a core of data quality management that provides confidence in managing and reporting financial and operational performance to stakeholders. Symbio provides ITBM project services and fully managed ITBM-as-a-Service.


Must-have management information to enable effective IT governance.


Gain trust and reduce IT spend through effective financial transparency.


Monitor meaningful performance measures and improve time to value.

CIO Dashboard

Manage IT as a business with consolidated demand, financial, and performance information to gain visibility into services and better align investments with business objectives.

Create transparency with business unit customers and service providers to optimize performance and value.

Reduce risk through improved compliance and audit capabilities.

Financial Transparency

IT showback and chargeback solutions enable IT to build trust through transparency. There is an unlimited demand for free IT service and implementing a chargeback solution can address budget pressures from business unit customers and provide visibility to:

  • Total IT spend
  • Spend by service component and service type
  • Business unit spend and service consumption
  • Service provider billing detail

Service Performance

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) provide visibility into enterprise-level IT investment, cost, staffing metrics, and productivity ratios.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) provide an official view of service performance with internal and sourced externally through service providers.

Operational Measures (OMs) provide insight into the performance of key operational processes that substantiate SLAs and KPIs.

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