Design. Create. Deliver.

Symbio provides a pragmatic, executable approach to help your organization design, create, and deliver value-generating technology services ecosystems. We recognize the challenges of transforming an existing collection of solutions to a dynamic and co-evolving system. As such, we iterate with you the build-measure-learn process to mitigate risk and create return on investment.

1. Design

Ensuring the right problems are solved, Symbio helps identify what matters to the stakeholders, assess current state of service management, and design operating, financial, and governance models to create digital IT services fit for purpose.

2. Create

With design established, Symbio facilitates the digital service co-creation process, helping organizations establish technology ecosystems in a structured yet highly-collaborative market engagement model that provides consumers choice and rewards innovation and value.

3. Deliver

In support of digital IT service platforms, Symbio provides Data Analytics services, allowing sourcing management and governance organizations to run IT as a business with transparency into the cost, quality, and value of IT services.

Underpinning our approach is the Symbio Digital Collaboration Platform, an online project planning and management toolset that facilitates communication and collaboration across the project participants and stakeholders.

The Symbio Digital Collaboration Platform leverages Zoho Projects and Reports.

Zoho Projects provides an online collaborative environment for the project teams to efficiently collaborate and stay informed.

Zoho Reports provides the ability to share progress while highlighting areas requiring action.

Zoho Overview
Project Plan and Issues
Negotiations Dashboard
Customer Health
Operational Readiness
Transition Big Board

What can Symbio do for your organization?