Information technology (IT) and the role of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) within organizations is transforming as the enterprise adoption of digital strategies takes root. The legacy mindset of IT as a back-office function delivering technology services to the business with a mission to drive cost efficiencies and eliminate ‘shadow IT’ is no longer sufficient. The CIO is not only expected to keep the lights on but also to drive innovation and create value directly to the business and end customers. This imperative, in a technology environment experiencing unprecedented velocity of change, requires an agile operating model that facilitates speed to value within a transparent, intuitive customer experience.

Yesterday’s trends are today’s norms with multisourcing, cloud, social/mobile, internet of things (IoT), and as a Service (XaaS) business models now part of the raised expectations from the consumer. Rapid advances in technology have created the need for organizations to adopt a more agile IT supply chain ecosystem to deliver on these expectations. This agility is enabled with an automated service integration and management (SIAM) solution that provides a digital platform connecting consumers to suppliers. The SIAM model is rapidly moving from its origins as a framework that provides contractual plug-and-play capabilities to a digital service automation platform.

SIAM leverages best-of-breed service management products and services to provide customers with a holistic service that integrates multiple suppliers of IT services to provide a single business-facing shared service organization. The solution provides a digital platform that efficiently connects consumers and suppliers with a core focus on service and experience. The service provides for the efficient lifecycle management of suppliers and services while providing a digital marketplace with automated order-to-cash operations that creates an experience on par with today’s online retail shopping experience.

This paper describes the SIAM value proposition and highlights the features and functionality of Digital SIAM, the next generation approach to service integration and management.

Download White Paper PDF: Enable Digital Transformation with Service Integration and Management (SIAM)