Like corporate governance, IT governance is built on a framework designed to establish and evolve the strategic vision and provide decision-making forums to advance progress in the achievement of desired outcomes while addressing risk and change in the environment. As IT becomes an increasingly important element of the business strategy and the acceleration of technology innovation unfolds at unprecedented rates, effective IT governance is a critical success factor in every organization. The key enabler that provides IT governance with the confidence to make strategic decisions is accurate and timely information. The Service Integration and Management (SIAM) operating model provides the foundation for the IT governance framework, with IT Business Management (ITBM) as the core discipline ensuring quality data driving analytics and insight.

The Symbio Digital SIAM operating model leverages cloud-based platforms to seamlessly connect the enterprise consumer of IT goods and services with the entire supply chain ecosystem. The platform serves as a shopping marketplace and fulfillment engine as well as a service automation system underpinning service management, business management, and operations management. The SIAM operating model enables shared services organizations to serve their customers with agility and equip their sourcing management and governance teams with actionable information and insight.

ITBM, one of four domains within SIAM, provides the people, process, and tools to effectively deliver IT financial management, performance management, and supplier management. ITBM is highly-automated for efficiency and timeliness and is established on a common data model that is the single source of truth for accuracy and trust. The operational intelligence generated from ITBM is presented in consumable and accessible dashboard formats. IT governance, including the operational-focused Sourcing Management layer, relies heavily on the information provided by ITBM to make sound decisions based on high-quality data and analytics.

This paper describes how organizations leverage ITBM within a SIAM framework to enable a fact-based approach to IT governance in a world of fast moving parts.

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