Business sought a data-driven sourcing strategy to address an upcoming expiration of an existing IT services relationship. The client had a good relationship with the service provider but was interested in benchmarking the service to ensure market alignment and a strategy to procure or restructure that positions the business for the future.


Symbio performed a benchmark review of the infrastructure and application services and a sourcing health check examining the performance, relationship, contract, and financial health of the relationship. With this data and insight, Symbio prepared a sourcing strategy and plan to prepare the organization to go to market.

Sourcing Health Check Overview

  • Perform a scan of the service contracts that includes a review of the terms and conditions, scope of work, performance metrics, pricing structure, and governance model.
  • Provide a baseline of the current state with recommendations to better align sourcing strategy with organizational objectives – including a strategy to strengthen the retained IT capabilities.

Sourcing Strategy Overview

  • With the benchmark review and sourcing health check initiatives complete, co-create with the client team a sourcing strategy supported by a financial business case.
  • The sourcing strategy deliverable includes an assessment of the options available to the client, a recommended path forward, and an executable plan to achieve the desired outcomes.


Client successfully restructured relationship with the incumbent service provider, modifying the service, performance, and business model to provide more agility and value to the business while exceeding the financial objectives.